AEROSPACESep 10, 2017


Since 1956, along with the improvement and development of Chinese socialist market economy system, the aerospace industry of China has achieved remarkable achievements.

The development of Aerospace technology also promotes the exploitation and progress of a series of disciplines; including earth science, astronomy, life science, information science, biotechnology, energy technology, biotechnology, information technology, new materials, new technology and a series of artistic development.

In addition, the combined application of all kinds of satellite remote sensing technology, spatial processing, manufacturing technology, space, energy, space and biotechnology also greatly strengthened the natural human knowledge and the ability to transform nature, and led to the development of productivity.

Nowadays, the criterion of a strong country is no longer only based on its economy strength, but also based on its military power and aerospace technology.

The ability to launch high-energy space rocket is a sign that a country has an indestructible nuclear deterrent capability, which is also a precondition for a country to have a long-range nuclear strike capability.

Modern warfare is now becoming a three-dimensional information war combining sea, land, and air. Securing absolute command to both the sky and air is the key to the victory of the war.

Therefore, the development of aerospace industry could directly affect the national defence policy and security forces.

Overall, aerospace applications could provide technical supports for the sustainable development of human being, while astrophysics, space station and manned spacecraft and external resources of the development technology has brought a good vision for the future development of human.
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