ACTIVITIESJun 07, 2018

Andrew X. Tang, CEO of Desupline Meets with Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

On June 6th 2018, the chief executive officer of Desupline, Andrew X. Tang met with Prime Minister of Republic of Malta, Joseph Muscat, at 16:00 on the 6th. Both two sides exchanged opinions on financial, cultural, tourism and hotel projects.

Mr. Tang said that after 40 years of economic development, China has become the second largest economy in the world, and it has gradually achieved socialist modernization. It has also gradually changed from an inward-oriented economy to an outward-oriented economy. Chinese entrepreneurs are seeking investment opportunities in the international market. Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and has rich tourism resources and financial advantages. Malta can seize the Chinese “Belt and Road” strategic opportunity and strengthen cooperation with China in many aspects, which could enhance the Maltese economy.

At the same time, Mr. Tang emphasized that Malta has 450,000 residents, China has 1.4 billion residents, and the proportion of urban residents in China is 58.52%, which means that China has strong economic momentum and could drive the outward-oriented development of China's tourism economy. Malta should strengthen the development of Chinese market, which will help improve the Maltese tourism economy.

In addition, Mr. Tang also pointed out his ideas in cultural exchanges between China and Malta. Valletta, the capital of Malta, has a more than 600 years’ history. China is also an ancient world-famous country. Strengthening cultural exchanges between Malta and China will be conducive to the integration of Eastern and Western cultures, and will also help the Maltese people to further understand the Chinese culture. At the same time, it will also help the Chinese people to further understand the Maltese culture and promote Malta's culture and economy.

Prime Minister Joseph said that Malta very much welcomes Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Malta. The powerful of Chinese economy is obvious to the world. Malta welcomes Chinese tourists to travel to Maltaand transfers Malta culture to China.

Prime Minister Joseph pointed out that although Malta is sparsely populatedand has small national territorial area, but the people of Malta are very friendly. The people of Malta very much welcome tourists and investors from China. In addition, Malta not only focuses on tourism resources, also has strong financial advantages. If Chinese investors come to Malta for financial activities, Malta will be the best choice for Chinese investors.

On the opinion of cultural exchanges proposed by Mr. Tang, Prime Minister Joseph pointed out that Malta is very willing to strengthen cultural exchange activities with China. Through cultural exchanges between the two cultures helps the Maltese and Chinese to understand each other and also facilitates cultural exchanges and integration between East and West. In the end, Prime Minister Joseph said that he very much agrees with the "Belt and Road" strategy proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Joseph presented about interactions Malta and China to Mr. Tang.

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