ACTIVITIESMay 26, 2017

Art Alpha Go in China - making Artificial Intelligence (AI) art become a hot spot

Art "Alpha Go" in China, could Artificial Intelligence instead of Art or coexist?

On 6th of May, DESUPLINE, as the chief strategic partner of ‘Art Alpha Go in China- Leaders’ Forum of Art Future’, participated in this event positively. The event holds in the Shanghai Tower (China's tallest skyscraper), and invites the Google Culture Institute code artist Mario Klingemann as a speaker. The CEO of DESUPLINE, Mr. Xiwen Tang, also as a speaker to discuss the relationship between AI and Art with Mario and other honoured guests. Meanwhile, amount number of art and AI lovers are attracted by this event. They discuss with speakers what is the future develop direction of art under the rapid development of AI, as well as, the impact of art on human life.

Mario's speaking

During the event, Mario shows how to use computer to decompose a large amount of data information to create a new type vision of artworks. For example, by using Convolution Neural Network (CNN) techniques to do facture vector analysis to decompose a picture of cat, then creating a new and impressive art work. Moreover, Mario also shows some pictures by using a similar way through a computer, to filter out the stones those he wants depend on a vast collection in British Museum. Additionally, in order to have more vivid description to proof that AI and art works can coexist, Mario uses the CNN to write out an abstract animation which display some abstract people dance with music, all the videos and pictures are impress the participants.

Although, in many fields, the computer can replace people to accomplish a large number of complex works and create new type works of art, but Mario believes that machine (AI) cannot replace artists, because machines (AI) cannot create the works of art which includes any emotions. Artists are more like masters to control AI to finish works of art with emotions. As well, he points out AI can promote the innovation and the development of art.

Desupline CEO - Andrew D. X. Tang

The CEO of DESUPLINE, Mr. Xiwen Tang, said that AI cannot replace human's subjective consciousness. Because human consciousness depends on the right brain, human energy is given by universe.  However, AI is the product of logical thinking from the left brain, not the product of the universe. Therefore, AI does not have the same subjective consciousness and create consciousness from human’s right brain. The universe gives human energy to create things, so scientists (logical thinking) produced AI. However, since AI produced by human’s objective consciousness, AI does not like the human who have subjective consciousness can create arts with emotions. Only humans have the ability to create arts with different emotions to arouses sympathetic response of readers, and artificial intelligence will never achieve this level without human.

Furthermore, at 7th of May, the series of events about the ‘Art Alpha Go in China’ are launched at Crystal CG. These activities also attract a lot of visitors and art lovers, etc. As a result, the Art "Alpha Go" has become a new hot spot in China and conduct the Art “Alpha Go” become a new art trend in the future art.
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