Asset Management

Desupline provides professional asset management services for individuals, families and institutions.

What is asset management?

Asset Management refers to professional investment management services for individuals, families, and institutions. Our services include stocks, bonds, convertibles, alternative assets, commodities, investment products and services in money market.

Advantages of asset management
Asset Management could avoid the asset impairment and achieve a stable income without being affected by the inflation rate. It could also value the scale of assets to improve the asset framework, and help investors to get higher-level investment opportunities because of joint investments. Moreover, Asset Management professionals could help investors to avoid risks and achieve their investment goals.

What can we do?
Asset Management is divided into the following four categories:

a) Fundamental Equity Investment

Targeting on developments of global counties and changes of emerging markets, Desupline helps investors to choose the growth equity and the value equity investments based on bottom-up, internal and external researches.

b) Fixed Income Investment

Desupline has been looking for investment opportunities for investors around the world. For the normal investment orientation, we focus on under-researched markets as well.

c) Quantitative Investment

Desupline tries to achieve a stable return of quantitative investments by using proprietary risk models and advanced quantitative methods. We personalize different programs according to the investor's different needs.

d) Alternative Investment

Desupline also offers alternative investments, including hedge fund, private equity, fund of fund, and real estate strategies.
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