Assets Management VS Wealth Management

The term Assets Management and Wealth Management has distinct differences; they represent different management concepts separately. We can compare these different ways of management in two points of views.

Service object

Assets Management has a relatively broader customer range:

1) Institutional investors, such as insurance companies, trust companies, fund institutions, pension funds and other organizations;

2) Individual investors, such as high net worth customers, ordinary investors and so on.

Wealth Management has a more targeted customer group:

1) Institutional investors: less institutional investors are involved;
2) Individual investors: mainly for high net worth individuals and families.

The difference between Business

The main concept of Asset Management is an investment in assets, including stocks, bonds, convertible certificates, hedge funds, private equity investment, real estate investment, commodities, money markets and index investment.

The main concept of Wealth Management is providing professional advisers for high net worth customers. We are committed to achieving financial and long-term value-added financial goals for our customers. Establish a portfolio of investor different customers' risk preference, including retail banking services, fund finance, financing, wealth planning, real estate planning, estate planning, legal tax consulting and other services.

Desupline provides both Asset Management and Wealth Management service to our customers. We are dedicated to  sharing the concept of financial management with our customers to jointly develop investment strategies, control investment risks, and strive to achieve value retaining and increasing.

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