Biological engineering, also known as biotechnology, is considered as an emerging compound disciplines which was initiated in 1900s. It is one of the most important Bridges that connects life science and the application study.

Biological engineering uses the concepts and methods of biology to solve real-world problems related to life sciences or the application thereof, using engineering's own analytical and synthetic methodologies and also its traditional sensitivity to the cost and practicality of the solutions arrived at biological engineering uses primarily the rapidly developing body of knowledge known as molecular biology to study and advance applications of organisms and to create biotechnology. This may eventually include the possibility of biologically engineering machines and 3D printing that re-order matter at a molecular scale.

Nowadays, people have become more and more aware of the importance and necessity of bioengineering technology in the global economic development.

Biological engineering has been widely put into use in the pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, energy, environmental protection, light, chemical and other important areas. It has laid a solid foundation for the biological technology innovation and industrialization, gradually formed a new biotechnology industry group.

On the other hand, bioengineering technology has solved many important problems in human development, such as overpopulation, shortage of resources and environmental pollution. Bioengineering technologies could also improve human health level, agriculture quality, animal husbandry and industrial production, thus plays an important role in improving the environment.

Since bioengineering is based on biological resources, there is little pollutant in the whole process of its biological manufacture, which can minimize the damage to the environment. Some recombinant microorganisms can even eliminate the pollution in the environment. Bioengineering technology is conformable to the concept of contemporary sustainable development. It is inevitable that bioengineering technology will have a wider development space and a promising future.

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