NEWSMar 16, 2018

Commercial Display Market, Tendency of Diversity

With the development of intelligent society and the iteration of various emerging display technologies, the commercial display industry has developed rapidly, and various types of commercial display devices have various functions as well as extensive application scenarios.
Driven by technologies such as Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, the commercial display industry shows a strong upward trend and a fierce competitive situation. DLP splicing, LED, OLED, digital signage and other commercial display products emerge endlessly, and continuously carry on technical upgrading and product innovation. 

Regardless of how the market changes in 2018, diversified development is an eternal topic facing commercial display enterprises. Enterprises need to get rid of the passive situation of technology and product simplification, adapt to the diversification of market demands, and transform toward the diversified and comprehensive display service providers.

DLP splicing facing with the fast growing competitors

The commercial display market is unpredictable. Due to the continuous development and market penetration of the small spacing LED and LCD splicing, DLP splicing technology which once dominated the high-end indoor display field no longer has the absolute advantage. The relevant data from industry research institutions shows that in the first half of 2017, LCD splicing accounted for 48% in China’s large-screen market, the small spacing LED accounted for 35%, and DLP splicing was only 16% with a decrease of 8%. 

Compared to DLP splicing, LCD splicing has a relatively low costs, which is a competitiveness that cannot be ignored in the market; while the small spacing LED has a competitive advantage in the aspect of display. Small spacing LED products can not only achieve seamless mosaic, but also have strong color performance and high brightness, which is impossible to achieve with DLP splicing and LCD splicing. In the past two years, small spacing LED products have become popular in the high-end large-screen, and have even been put into cinemas as movie screens. The display media used in the “ice screen” of “Beijing eight minutes” at the closing ceremony of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is LED instead of OLED or LCD, since only the high brightness of LED can guarantee the viewing effect of tens of thousands of people at the scene. 

Faced with such a fiercely competitive market, DLP splicing products have taken measure to use laser as their new light source and have significantly increased the brightness of products in order to increase their competitive advantage, but the effect is still not satisfactory. In 2018, single DLP splicing enterprises may gradually be eliminated by the market if they are not oriented towards diversified transformation development. 

Smart Commercial Display “Human-Screen Interaction”

Intellectualization is the inevitable trend of the development of commercial display industry. The emergence of Intelligent Interactive Whiteboard has promoted the commercial display industry into a new era. The Intelligent Interactive Whiteboard has changed the traditional conference mode and integrated voice recognition, touch control, 3D, VR as well as other high-tech technologies, achieving the integrated intelligent meeting mode of "human- screen interaction". 

In addition to office conference, the Intelligent Interactive Whiteboard can also be used in different industries such as education training, commercial demonstration and telemedicine. Since 2017, various brands that engage in research and design of intelligent interactive products have been springing up with the amazing market performance, and its 2018 development can be expected.  

Digital Signage

Digital signage which covered in the commercial display market is a brand-new media concept that has changed the traditional information dissemination model, and has broad application prospects. Whether in supermarket, hotel, cinema or other public places where people gather, digital signage enables intuitive, flexible, and automated information distribution at a low cost. The demand for digital signage in social life and commercial applications is increasing. According to the latest Report Buyer report, the global digital signage market is expected to maintain the compound annual growth rate of 8.21% between 2017 and 2022.

With the continuous upgrading R&D technology of commercial display industry, intelligent lifting and miniaturization are the future trend of digital signage. The technology of combination of digital signage with artificial intelligence and small spacing LED provides development ideas for major commercial display enterprises and opportunities to seize the market.
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