Corporate Social Responsibility

Nowadays, profit is not the only target for enterprises. In the rapid development of material and spiritual civilization, there is an increasing number of companies take the relevant responsibility for the society.

Desupline takes development as the premise, expands the scale of enterprises, as well as expands the tax share.  Supporting the government's call and policy, also complying with relevant laws and regulations. Desupline will assume responsibility for employee health and employee benefits. We provide employees with comparable income levels, ensure the stability of works, and provide a good working environment and promotion opportunities. Desupline will continue to optimize work processes and enterprise management in order to provide the best quality financial services for global customers. As an excellent enterprise, we will stand on the global perspective, adhere to sustainable development, pay attention to save resources, and develop circular economy.

In addition, Desupline will also assume the responsibility of public goods and cultural construction, as well as poverty alleviation and development charity responsibility. Desupline always put customers’ interests and social responsibility at first, and really hopes to help more people. Desupline is committed to contribute their own ideas and strength to the society. For our employees, Desupline encourages employees to participate in public welfare activities with an incentive mechanism. For the enterprise, Desupline would like to establish longstanding relationships with different countries, non-profit organizations and educational organizations to help more people with the medical, educational and material assistance. Moreover, for the economically backward areas, whether domestic or overseas, Desupline would like to assume responsibility for a poverty reduction, for example, ‘Desupline help to learn’ program and ‘Desupline charity for Africa ’program.

Desupline will make full use of corporate resources and capabilities to take social responsibility, and make benefits for the society.

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