NEWSSep 14, 2018

Desupline Asset Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Was Identified as "China AAA Credit Enterprise"

Recently, according to the "Enterprise Credit Evaluation Management Measures", refer to the "Enterprise Credit Management System" national standard (GB/T31950-2015) and the "Enterprise Credit Evaluation Index" national standard (GB/T23794-2015), after the assessment of the National Reform and Development Research Association and the Expert Committee of China Association of Cooperative Trade Enterprises approved that Desupline Asset Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was identified as the “China AAA Credit Enterprise”.

This means that Desupline has been fully affirmed by third-party evaluation agencies with its good financial position, service quality and compliance development capabilities. Desupline will continue to strictly abide by the supervision, always regard the regulation itself and legal compliance as the primary standards, and bring more honest, compliant and high-quality financial services to customers.

The honor of obtaining AAA credit is not only the trust of the industry, partners and customers to Desupline, but also a huge responsibility. Desupline will promote the industry's safety compliance construction process, provide investors with efficient investment channels, and actively promote the development of the industry.
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