ACTIVITIESSep 18, 2017

Desupline first “innovation X future education” forum successfully completed

On September 17, 2017, “A brief history of Creative X Future Education" forum hosted by Desupline Education was held at Shanghai Silver Star Crowne Plaza hotel.

The forum invited the honorary director from the Alumni Association of Jiaotong University, Xijianhui Think Tank member and the founder of Dream Come True fund, Mr. Jiang Hongfa, the former vice president of Taiwan National Central University, Mr. Zheng Guangpu, the professor of Taipei Medical University Big Data Science and Management Research Laboratory, Mrs. Wang Mengyan, the president of Shanghai Yong Chang private school, Mr Dong Haijia, the president of Shanghai Fudan Primary School, Dr. Bo Zhiyuan, Higher Education doctor from Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Zhang Ruihong, Higher Education Research institution of Tongji University, Mr Zhao Xiaoqian, CEO of Ultron Technology Company.  These pioneers and experts in education industry, pioneer organizations in artificial intelligence industry, and excellent students all gathered together to discuss about the possibility of transforming the future education under the influence of artificial intelligence technology such as AR and VR.

In the very beginning of forum, CEO of Desupline Education, Senior K12 educational expert, Miss Bao Siyuan delivered the opening address. She emphasized that in the era of artificial intelligence, the appliance of cutting-edge technology is not only an opportunity but also a challenge. In order to adapt to the changes in time, Desupline education developed a CLBL teaching method based on the PBL + STEAM education model, in addition, Miss Bao also mentioned that Desupline would continue to support the Chinese K12 education system.

(CEO of Desupline Education, Miss Bao Siyua, Opening Remarks)

Mr. Jiang Hongfa, the former vice president of Taiwan National Central University founder of the Dreams Foundation, and member of the Xijianhui Think Tank presented an impassioned speech on the future education. He insisted that we cannot complacent on the traditional education, at the same time, the innovative education also needs to retain the essence of traditional culture.

(Mr. Jiang Hongfa, Speech)

In the subsequent forums, students demonstrated the presentation of the results of the PBL + STEAM teaching model based on the CLIL teaching method. The guest speakers talked about the challenges and problems in every aspect based on education and AI, and discussed how to use big data and artificial intelligence to drive the specific use of innovation in current education.

Mavis, a 7-year-old elementary school student, gave a speech about “My dream school” and showed her ideal school by painting. As Picasso once said, "all the children are artists". The world of imagination contains the innocence and creativity of children, which also reflects Chinese students’ requirement of their dream school.

(Mavis speech: My dream School)

With 5 years of learning experience with Desupline education, Lucy, a beginning English learner became a fluent English speaker and made an excellent speech in front of hundreds of people. This kind of progress is a successful case of PBL + STEAM learning model. Different from the general school’s English teaching, Lucy experienced the project-based English learning, understood the importance of independent and critical thinking, and cultivated the creative thinking ability. After her wonderful speech, the present guests all applauded for her. Cultivating new talents and creativity are the future of productivity.

(Lucy’s speech)

The introduction of virtual reality technology into the education industry can eliminate the cognitive barrier caused by time and space, open up more fun and more profound teaching methods and interactive way for students to be more efficient and more active to grasp all kinds of skills. Ultron Technology Company CEO Mr. Zhao Xiaoqian delivered an extraordinary speech on the issue of VR education. "For the institutions and educators, virtual reality can not only optimize the teaching resources and processes and deal with complex and difficult research experiments, but also can effective control the education costs and reduce research risk". For VR products used in the education industry, the equipments practicality is a very critical step in mass production. At the forum site, Mr. Zhao Xiaoqian invited the present students to try the VR product of Ultron Technology Company joint with Desupline education, called Landing Mars Plan.

(Ultron Technology Company CEO Mr. Zhao Xiaoqian speech)

(Students use VR products)

One of the parents at the scene said, “watching other students using the VR products make me think about my 9-year-old son, he is an out-going and unstable kid with limited interest in learning. However, through Desupline Education which emphasizes the students learning per minute, my son is now interested and dedicated in the learning process. I am completely surprised by his changes!

SEPM is an abbreviation for Students' earning per minute. Desupline Education CEO, senior K12 English education expert Miss Bao Siyuan created this concept of SEPM, and dedicates to guide the education and training institutions to focus more on students’ cost of time in classroom. Different from the ordinary training institutions, Desupline education focused on the enhancement of students' thinking ability.

(Parents Speech)

Last year Alpha Go computer program defeated the Go chess player Lee sedol, immediately sparked discussions around the world. This milestone event proves to the world that the machine could think like human beings, even better than humans. Optimists believe that breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technology will greatly drive productivity gains. Mr. Zheng Guangfu, Vice President of Taiwan National Central University and Professor of Data Technology and Management of Taipei Medical University, gave a lecture on "The New World under AI" spoke from the Buddhas relics to his grandson. The return of leading role of learning to the students makes teachers and students become the designers of learning and develop students the ability to solve problems in order to make education return to intrinsic quality. "Now, automation can replace the work of manufacturing from repetitive labor. It is possible to bring about changes that are highly dependent on knowledge and health, such as health care and finance, and at least it is technically perfect," says Professor Cheng. In the future, the ability to solve problems is more important than diploma.

(Mr. Zheng Guangfu, Vice President of Taiwan National Central University and Professor of Data Technology and Management of Taipei Medical University Speech)

Next, the two-rich content and forward-looking roundtable discussion were held under the guidance of the host.

In the future education, Desupline Education CEO Miss. Bao Siyuan emphasized that the abilities of learning and relearning will not be replaced in the future. Online and Off-line learning will combine knowledge and critical thinking ability to maximize the autonomy of students Learning space, and SEPM concept will gradually change the existing concept. When being asked how AI copes to future education, Ultron Technology Company CEO Mr. Zhao Xiaoqian said, based on big data, human beings will experience another self-evolution. This time the correct use of AI help human beings become future talent. The importance of thoughts will be elevated to an unprecedented height. Around the AI, the starting point and the foothold are people-oriented. Pennsylvania State University Mr. Fu Yuanzhi, higher education doctor, believes that creativity and imagination give people a gift, through education, we should develop students' high awareness, aware of the changes, insight needs, teamwork. Ricky Labs CEO Mr. David Coller believes that the key elements of the future classroom will be student-centered, and the teacher's role will continue to be subdivided. Students and teachers learn together and grow together.

"The role of teachers in the future will change from career planning; how to better help students will become the focus." Shanghai PACEE Education chief executive officer Liu Jingyi provided her definition of future teacher's function. From the perspective of parents, the future education would focus more on innovation. Finally, Professor Zheng from Taipei Medical University claimed that AI robots will replace the functions of many traditional industries. The diploma era is coming to an end, we will face more difficulties and choices, AI development awaits to become more mature.

(Roundtable discussion)

At the same time, the students utilize different materials to build the dome with the observation and assistance of PACEE Education and Desupline Education. Under the guidance of "future teacher", students displayed their projects in English. Through the construction project, studentshands-on and problem-solving skills have been trained. Students personally experienced the process of building a small house, and achieved their little architect dream through imagination to cultivate professional knowledge and imagination, creativity, and the spirit of cooperation had also been exercised.

(Students build dome for project display)

The world was originally owned by a group of people relying on rational analysis, shouting “knowledge is power” such as programming engineers, full-time lawyers and MBA who plays with numbers. Nevertheless, from now on, the world will belong to another group with high perceptual ability – creativity, empathy and ability to predict future trends. We are transforming from a logic and performance focused information age into an innovate, empathy owning, and integrative emotional focused era. The first "Innovation X brief history of future education" forum was successfully concluded with Mr. Jiang Hongfa’s speech.  However, the development of artificial intelligence continues, for the future education, there will be more unknown waiting for us to discover.
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