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Desupline - SOCCERIN 2017

International Soccer Summit was held Shanghai during 19-20 July. As an international financial services company, Desupline was invited to attend the two-day summit.

SOCCERIN2017 International Soccer Summit was held by Shanghai Jianwei Sports, La Liga China Office and the European sports Association. During the summit, guests discussed the following issues such as:  football industry regulation, financial balance issue of profession clubs, business copyright and future development, professional club operation management, youth training, talent training, campus football Development, big data and soccer development.

The summit was also supported by Serie A, the French Football China office, the Russian Football Federation, the Indian Football Association, the UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund, the ESSMA European Venues Safety Management Association and other organizations

Communicate with guests during break

Desupline specializes in multidimensional business and innovation. We have long been concerned about the development of international football. The invitation from the international football summit, for Desupline, is an excellent opportunity to understand the latest trends of world football and Chinese football market.

UNICEF Representative for UNICEF, (Dr. Douglas James NOBLE) delivering a speech

UNICEF Deputy Representative (Dr. Douglas James NOBLE), indicated in the opening statement that he hopes to establish a wide range of partnerships with soccer associations, institutions and clubs throughout China to promote football in children's groups in order to help more children healthy and happy to grow.

Gu Zhongde, the National Football Academy and National Basketball Academy Vice President mentioned in his speech that, the National Football Academy, the National Basketball Academy are jointly sponsored by the State Sports General Administration and the Shandong Provincial People's Government by the Chinese Football Association, the Chinese Basketball Association, Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau and Shandong Institute of Physical Education, which are the only two country's national football college and basketball college. The two academies set academic education, professional training, scientific research, cultural heritage and dissemination as the main concept, make them the top region of National basketball and football academy.

Former Shanghai Shenxin coach Gary White delivering speech

Former Shanghai Shenxin Football club coach (Gary White), shared his experience during his career in national team and professional club, and gives advices about the development of Chinese football under the new policy. Gary is the only British football coach in the China, with his help, Shenxin successfully led in a relegation in the last season. It is reported that he will soon go to another Chinese football club as head coach.

Roundtable discussion

During the first day of the roundtable discussion, the host, ESSMA European sports stadium safety management association adviser Guillaume had an intense discussion with Spanish league president Greater China Sergei Thorel, Changrong Sports Deputy General Manager Wang Hua and SonoVTS Business Development Director Tobias   around the topic of current football and sports marketing trends.

Game challenge

In the evening, the organizers arranged a fun SOCCERIN gaming challenge, Schalke 04 club pro FIFA electric game player Tim Latka plays against Tianjin TEDA e-sports club player Gengyi Sheng.

Youth football is the top priority of Chinese football. The development of youth football is inseparable from the government, the Chinese Football Association's cultivation and support. As a professional financial services company, Desupline provides a series of professional financial services for the government, financial institutions, businesses and individuals. In order to fulfil the further needs of customers, Desupline extended our service to VC / PE, culture, art, education, sports, training, international trade, Tourism, real estate and so on.

As an old Chinese saying goes: "while the youth is strong, the country become strong". Desupline has long been concerned about the cultivation and development of youth football. Desupline is looking for an opportunity of long-term cooperation with sports-related units by participating in the international football summit. In the future, Desupline will also establish a youth soccer trophy, to encourage the future development of Chinese youth football.

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