ACTIVITIESMay 25, 2017

Desupline walks into Campus

The sustainable development of companies needs to inject fresh blood constantly.

Since the rapid development and growth of companies, the demand of talents becomes more and more urgent. For the long-term survival and development, Desupline decides to set up a campus recruitment team, and hopes to attract talents from the top-level universities directly.

Desupline participated in the on-campus job fairs which held by East China Normal University and Fudan University, on the afternoon of 7th and 28th April respectively. The job fairs have attracted huge crowds of people. Graduates are actively involved in the job fairs with their carefully prepared resumes, and communicated with our recruiters. There is no doubt that professionalism is very important for applicants, such as professional skills, dressing, expression et al.

Desupline is very concern about the professionalism of every applicant. Before the job fair, applicants should have a certain understanding of their job position, which will not only give a good impression for recruiters and could also reduce the time for job description. In addition, dress is also one of considerations. Perhaps because students and graduates are not entre the community yet, most of them not realize their dress professional or not. The right dress could give a very good impression to recruiter. Moreover, a good conversation and behavior could help applicants a lot. If an applicant does not have professional skills, the opportunity of being hired will be very low.

More than expectation, the on-campus job fairs received a lot of resumes. Finally, one excellent graduate from Fudan University has received Desupline’s offer. We sincerely hope to recruit more outstanding graduates, injects the fresh blood into the Desupline, and lays a solid foundation for Desupline’s take-off. 
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