Enya S. Bao: Think in English!

I would say that English learning might be the last thing that would make you suffered.

My students would use the word ‘desperate to’ if they were asked to make some comments to my classes as well as to English learning. As long as they were having my classes, they would even be bothered by the fast-flying time.

I can’t remember the exact number of messages and calls from the parents with overjoyed voices to let me know the great changes of their kids. Compared with the countless compliments from their English teachers at schools, they are more willing to find their kids totally immersed into English learning. The great changes have not only brought their kids great learning motivation but freed themselves from gabbling on and on as well. Some parents even ‘complained’ with joy that their kids found lame excuses to the toilet 3 times more often only to do an English film dubbing practice.

What was it that has made such great changes to the students? Let’s talk about English learning here as more and more parents nowadays are making every effort to find out the best way for improving grammar, passage reading, listening skills etc. Moreover, how to arouse kids’ interest seems to be another big concern to all parents. To sign up for more English courses is like a life-saving straw to Chinese parents.

However, as a Chinese native, did we ever worry that much about our Chinese grammar, listening or passage reading since we were born? The answer is NEVER. When it comes to English learning, we could do way more than just reciting hundreds of passages, memorizing syntactical rules and new words. 

Let’s see how it works without the above-mentioned boring ways. I’d love to share my story with you.

As Libra, I believe in doing every tiny thing efficiently and creatively though we’re commonly regarded as a group of lazy bones. Thus, I chose to listen to numerous English songs, stories, native talks instead of copying down grammar. Those fun listening materials have even been the all-day background music since I was three. It took me seven years before I stepped towards ‘thinking in English’. Unlike most kids at that age, my interest wasn’t being given a gift, playing games or having endless of parties, but having an English test or chances to speak English. Honestly, it was the result of a test that always brought me endless joy. 

People might be curious about how to ‘think in English’. It is, actually, just simply omitting the translating process. For instance, when you were asked Hey how was the party yesterday? I bet a process of translating your answer in Chinese into English is inevitable.  Disadvantages of this unnecessary process include: 1. Disturbance of fluency 2. Frequently used of Chinglish.

What should also me mentioned is to ‘think in English’ also brought me an extraordinarily remarkable score in the College Entrance Exam of China without putting too much effort. 

Some readers might contribute all those to having caught up the best ‘inputting’ period of a certain language, which is from three to ten years old. However, to those who did less effort in ‘inputting’ at their early ages, I would also suggest another way. Let’s take High School Entrance Exam as an example. If the students were given the ‘imaginal memory’ to all knowledge points, which had been proved effective on hundreds of them, they would soon get rid of rote memorization and get an average increase by 15 to 20 places at school. We’re improving and pushing forward the whole R&D process of this project so as to help students get higher academic grades in a ‘painless’ way.

How to arise interest while at the same time make the learning experience more enjoyable? If students regard English learning as their hobby, things would be much easier. There are two aspects my team has long focused on: 1. Students are more desired to be given an overall western culture-oriented English course.  2.  Students need a more diverse way to practice their listening, which is way more crucial than reading, speaking and writing skills. Though it’s not easy to get a first sight love from the students, our team members kept creating miracles. So far, our record is to get their interest in learning English within an hour. 

A Chinese old saying goes: As a teacher, we should give all of we know to our students and help them get out of the trouble! However, we will give our students a totally different life if we teach them how to ‘fish’ rather than just simply give them some. There’s no doubt that if we teach them ‘how’, along with compliments and inspirations, they’ll put even their lifetime to practice, so that great achievements are ensured. The teacher who made it would be their lifetime idol and a life coach.

Let's make it happen.


Chief Executive Officer

Enya Siyuan Bao

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