Fixed Income

Desupline provides customers with professional fixed income investment services.

Fixed income refers to any type of investments which the borrower or issuer is obliged to make payments of a fixed amount on a fixed schedule, which is appropriate for investors with lower risk appetites.

What can we do?

Desupline team focus on avoiding investment risks that may affect customer returns such as:

1) Policy risks, including changes in national macroeconomic policies;

2) Interest rate risk, including an incremental interest rate hike;

3) Credit risk, including the default risk of the issuer

4) Liquidity risk, Desupline could recommend investment portfolios based on clients’ investment time horizon and risk tolerance.



Bond liquidity is relatively strong which could be sold at any time in the secondary market. Since bond is regulated by many restrictions, it has lower risks. Desupline regard the benefit of our clients as our top priorities. We select suitable bonds for customers in various bond market, implement our investment plan and track the return of the investment plan.

Financial management
Desupline financial product has fixed duration with a higher interest than the bank deposit and a low risk, it is suitable for conservative investors.


Fixed income fund
Desupline Fund team involves fixed income funds as well. We disperse the risk through our professional investment analyzing and centralized management among other activates. Desupline's first priority is to offer customers with sustained and stable returns.

Fixed income trust
Desupline offers high-net-worth individual with trustworthy, valuable fixed income trust products.


Preferred stock
Desupline provides long-term investors with strategic preferred stock investment services. In order to choose the most suitable product for customers, we always focus on changes in the interest rate and stock market.
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