GIVING BACKDec 25, 2016

Giving Back

Joining the public welfare is the best way to contribute to the community.

Desupline in sustained, rapid and healthy development, at the same time, always puts “helping poor and making contributions to community” as the enterprise's unswerving compliance obligations. Desupline will also actively participate in cultural, educational, medical and other social welfare undertakings.

Desupline believes that a good public image is an essential element of an excellent enterprise. In the meantime, we use the enterprise platform to encourage more people to participate in charity activities, thereby creating a more favorable social environment.

Therefore, Desupline is willing to establish long-term cooperative relations with all non-profit social organizations, to promote the development of public welfare. Desupline sets staff charitable days in each month. We organize employees to communities, nursing homes, disabled centers and other institutions to contribute their efforts, and send warm to the people who need help in the community. Desupline will spread civilization in its own way.

Desupline aims to awaken more people to make contribution to the community in accordance with the primary intention of Desupline’s slogan ‘Service to clients, contribute to community’. Desupline will never stop pace on performing the social responsibility as an enterprise.

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