NEWSNov 09, 2018

Global Focus on CIIE, China Takes the Initiative to Open its Market to the World

As the world's first and only large-scale national exhibition with the theme of import, CIIE has attracted wide attention and expectation from all over the world and many overseas business circles.

On November 5, the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), a six-day event, kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, including the exhibition and forum. The exhibition is the National Trade and Investment Comprehensive Exhibition (referred to as the National Exhibition) and the Enterprise Business Exhibition (referred to as the Enterprise Exhibition); the forum is the Hongqiao International Economic and Trade Forum. CIIE will provide a wealth of product displays, exhibitors from all over the world. The participating countries will display the national image, economic and trade development achievements and special advantage products; and the participating companies will showcase the products or projects that may be the most popular or most promising for the market, and hope to be the most popular in the market.

At present, more than 3,600 companies from 172 countries, regions and international organizations have signed up for CIIE, and they hope to deepen cooperation and find out business opportunities through product display and negotiation. The data shows that the Chinese market is the largest overseas market for many companies, and CIIE provides an excellent opportunity for exhibitors to establish relationships with Chinese buyers. Many companies have indicated that they will release new products and announce investment projects in China at CIIE.

In the Enterprise Exhibition, more than 10,000 exhibits were distributed in the seven exhibition areas, of which more than 5,000 were first landed in China. Including the flying car, the world's first 3D printing gum, the Leonardo super-medium helicopter (AW189) with a price of 200 million yuan, table tennis robot, huge "Taurus" gantry milling, miniature cardiac pacemaker, etc. All these are new products and technologies at the forefront that have opened the eyes of the participants.

The National Trade and Investment Comprehensive Exhibition (National Exhibition) is an important part of CIIE. A total of 82 countries and 3 international organizations set up 71 booths covering an area of about 30,000 square meters. Host countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Africa, Egypt, Russia, Britain, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico have set up unique pavilions. For example, the British pavilion presented the latest achievements in innovation at this fair, and British companies have many top technologies in areas such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Russian large state-owned enterprises such as gas companies and atomic energy companies participated in the national exhibition to show their strength, and expect to expand trade with China. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan personally led the team to participate in the exhibition, and the Pakistani side fully covered textiles, medical supplies, rice and other relatively competitive export products.

The pavilions of various countries make full use of high-tech means and diversified display forms to let the world view its unique regional culture and characteristic industrial advantages, including trade in goods, service trade, industrial conditions, investment tourism and representative products, and jointly tap the huge potential of Chinese market.

The Chinese economy has an obvious pulling effect on the world economy. In 2017, China's contribution to world economic growth reached about 30%. In addition, the Ministry of Commerce expects that China will import more than 10 trillion US dollars of goods and services in the next five years. CIIE is a major initiative in the history of international trade development. It is an important measure for China to open its market to the world, support economic globalization, and promote trade liberalization.

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