Green Finance

Nowadays, the financial services industry takes the major force in resource allocation in the world, which will play an important role in environmental protection.

Energy-saving emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources environment-friendly enterprises will become the key consideration in Desupline’s investment decision-making. Desupline would like to provide investment and financing, project operations, risk management and other financial services on environmental protection, energy saving, clean energy, green transportation, green building and etc.

Desupline will use the role of capital-oriented to guide the enterprise to reduce resources and energy consumption and environmental pollution, improve product market competitiveness, and pursue the maximum green profits of the enterprise. Economic benefits of environmental governance are generally difficult to reflect in a short time, but it could bring long-term benefits are immeasurable. Desupline hopes to guide enterprises to focus on environmental protection, also guide consumers to develop the concept of green consumption.

In the promotion of national economic development and business growth, financial enterprises themselves have access to sustainable development opportunities. The scale of financial assets continued to expand, financial instruments continue to innovate, and the risk prevention capacity is growing. The financial industry not only to achieve the green allocation of funds, and guide corporate customer to adapt to the requirements of sustainable development, but also improve their own economic benefit for the realization of their own to pave the way for sustainable development.

With an increasing public awareness of environmental protection, some governments and people put forward new demands of the social responsibility of financial companies. The pursuit of economic growth model cannot meet the requirements of sustainable development, Desupline uses financial instruments to guide the improvement of industrial structure, and strive to assume their social responsibility in order to maintain the corporate image and establish a better social image in the whole world.

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