Hedge Fund

Desupline aims to provide the best financial service for our global clients.

What is hedge fund?

Hedge fund is a form of investment funds, originated in the United States in the early 1950s. At that time, the operation aims to use futures, options and other financial derivatives and different stocks to short sales and buy long, and use risk hedging operation skills, to avoid and resolve investment risks.

After decades of evolution, hedge fund has lost its original connotation of risk hedging. The appellation of ‘Hedge fund’ is also illusory, and it has become a new investment model based on the latest investment theory which indicates that the extremely complex financial market operations skills make full use of financial derivatives leverage effect, bear high risk and pursue high return investment model.

Hedge fund has the following characteristics:

1) Complexity investment activities;
2) High leverage Investment effect;
3) Private placement of financing model;
4) Concealment and flexibility operations.

What can we do?

Desupline aims to provide the best financial service for our global clients. We have a professional team includes outstanding investment experts who have a keen sense of market and a quick decision-making in order to meet customers’ needs and preferences. Desupline intends provide long-term financial services by providing a broad and flexible range of investment portfolios that could meets the unique needs of different investors.

Desupline focuses on understanding the development of the world in different fields, such as finance, education and science. Our offices are located around the world, which help us to update information timely and widely. Through the most in-depth understanding of global economy and financial markets, Desupline would like to build strategic partnerships with the efficient investment portfolios and institutional clients.

On the basis of understanding the operation mode around the world, the global economic market and sound economic theories, Desupline through extensive researches strives to identify long-term, repeatable sources of expected returns. Then implementing our insight in a disciplined manner that could help us to reduce subjective biases.

Desupline uses qualitative tools to accurately and carefully test the investment process in detail. In addition, our professional team will diversify across multiple dimensions, such as asset types, strategies, countries, and time limit. Desupline will provide different types of financial services in order to reduce the overall risk of investors and improve the risk-adjusted returns for investors.

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