Information Technology

Information technology is based on the principle of information science and aims to expand human capabilities of information access. Information technology involves the techniques of acquiring, processing, transmitting and utilizing information in the main means of electronic computer and modern communication.

In general, information technology uses the electronic computer and modern communication as the main means to achieve information acquisition, processing, and transmission.


Entering the new century, almost all the innovative countries in the world set the development of information technology as national core strategic focus. With the rapid development and application of information technology, information technology industry has become a pillar industry in Chinese national economy.


The new generation of information technology, as one of the most important parts in China’s “13th five-year plan”is expected to receive more policy support to accelerate the development of information and communication technology innovation, promote the informatization and industrialization depth fusion. Whats more, the government also promotes the wide application of new technology and new business, which will also bring more investment opportunities to the secondary market.


Among all the new generation communication technologies , modern computer technology and modern communication technology are two of the most important aspects, which can be divided into different catagories such as satellite communication, optical fiber communication, mobile communication, Internet, computer hardware, computer software, database system and so on.


Based on these modern information technologies, human beings are able to collect a huge amount of data about weather forecast, achieve high speed calculation, and make a long-distance video meeting.

In addition, the development of artificial intelligence and expert system achieves the integration of virtual and reality, enabling human to positioning to any location accurately. 

The development of information technology has brought the role of human intelligence up to an unprecedented level. The ability of human innovation ability also based on physical strength, mechanical force and gradually turn to intelligence.


In conclusion, Human society has also entered the information technology era from the industrial era.
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