Investment Banking

Desupline is committed to providing professional investment banking services to clients.

What is investment banking?

Investment banking is a financial intermediary service which is closely linked to investors, businesses and capital markets. Investment banking business mainly includes corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, financial advisers and other business.

What can we do?

Desupline Investment Banking Division could offer professional financial advices to individual, corporation and state-owned enterprise, such as optimizing capital structures, assisting clients in raising capital and completing financing, managing capital risk efficiently. In addition to financial advisory services, we provide strategic advisory services to improve shareholder’s value for corporate clients as well, through acquisitions, divestitures, mergers or reorganizations. Desupline invests directly in corporate debt, equity and convertible securities.

Why Desupline?
Desupline mainly involved in the following industries: financial institutions, hi-tech, aerospace, biotechnology, real estate, raw materials, health care, consumption, industry, energy, chemicals, among other. Desupline investment banking division consistently upholds the concept of Customer First and Fullhearted Services, maximizing customer interest.

- Client Coverage Bankers

Client coverage group is responsible for working with professional skills and abundant resources that seek to improve enterprise current situation and achieve customer expectations.

- Capital Markets Group

Desupline Capital markets group focus on equity capital market and debt capital market.

a) Equity capital market

1) Common stock issuance: initial public offerings (IPOs), follow-on offerings;
2) Convertible security issuance: taking the form of a bond or preferred share offering that is converted into a predetermined number of the issuer’s common shares;
3) Equity derivatives: raising or retiring equity capital by options and forward contracts, financial instruments on hedge equity risks.

b) Debt Capital Market

1) Corporate debt financing
2) Government debt financing

c) Merger &Acquisition Group

1) Sell-side transactions: selling or merging an entire company or disposition of a division (or assets) of a company;
2) Buy-side transactions: purchasing an entire company or a division (or assets) of a company;
3) Restructurings or reorganizations: carving out businesses from a company to enhance shareholder value; changing a company’s capital structure;
4) Hostile acquisition defense advisory services: defense against unsolicited take-over activity;
5) Strategic and tactical advice on initiating an unsolicited take-over.
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