Pass love to Africa

Helping improve African living standards.

Africa per capita GDP in 2015 reached 1571.332 US dollars, but it is still far from the developed countries, North America per capita GDP as high as 54,580.05 US dollars, 34.73 times for the African region. In Africa, education and health care are two major problems plaguing its development.

Since 2000, the dropout rate of school-age children has been declining year by year. Until 2013, the dropout rate of school-age children is still as high as 34.55%. In addition, the literacy rate of the population over 15 years’ age in Africa is only about 65%, which is far behind the 99% literacy rate in the developed countries. Pre-school teachers, primary school teachers and secondary school teachers’ trained proportion have been decreasing year by year. UNESCO noted that schools in many African countries do not have textbooks, water and toilets.

The World Health Organization (WTO) noted that the level of health care service of sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest in the world. Medical spending accounts for only 1% of the world, health care workers accounted for only 3% of the total number of health care workers worldwide. Africa accounts for 25% of the world's disease and 50% of mortality rate of children under aged five. HIV is rampant in Africa. The highest HIV infection rate of Africa country achieved at 39%. There are five Africa countries have HIV infection rate of more than 20%. The African Development Bank noted that African children also lacked of various kinds of vaccines.

Desupline will carry out African charity projects in the short future. We not only want to create revenue, but also to fulfill certain social responsibility and do something meaningful for communities. For some countries and regions of Africa relatively backward, such as Congo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and etc, we will implement international assistance in the medical and education field.

With regard to medical assistance, we will build hospitals free of charge, providing medicines, medical equipment and professional medical personnel. And we will continue to carry out post-maintenance and management. In educational aid, Desupline will build free schools and other basic equipment, as well as provide books and professionally trained teachers. In addition, we will be based on local needs to provide the corresponding education services. If the local needs to strengthen cultural education, we will provide the appropriate materials and teachers. If local needs skills training, such as agricultural technology or manufacturing technology, we can also provide.

Desupline hopes to pass love to the African continent, to help solve local problems of sustainable development, and establish long-term friendship between African people and Desupline.
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