NEWSMar 04, 2019

Quantum Technology That Changed the World — China's Quantum Hegemony

The development of quantum technology has entered an exciting era, which will usher in development opportunities for both business and industry.

Quantum mechanics the "centennial ghost" of physics

The 20th century physics has created two major scientific theories that change the world: relativity and quantum mechanics. As a centenarian “ghost” in physics, the first quantum technology revolution in 1900 gave birth to many major inventions – atomic bomb, laser, transistor, nuclear magnetic resonance, global positioning satellite (GPS), etc., and became the driving force of social development. Over the past century, human exploration of the quantum world has moved from a purely “probing era” to an active “regulating era.” Quantum technology has been widely used in communications, computing, and networking. Experts predict, “Quantum technology in the 21st century may change the world’s pattern just as the Manhattan project which built the atomic bomb.”

Quantum satellite – “eavesdropping terminator”

On August 16, 2016, China successfully launched the world’s first quantum satellite “Mozi” at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. This is the first time that human have realized quantum communication between ground and satellite in history of mankind, which has laid an international leading position in the field of quantum mechanics research in China.

The primary scientific significance of quantum satellite is to provide confidential keys for communication, especially for military areas where information security is highly demanded. The unique indivisibility and nonclonability of quantum makes it possible for quantum cryptography to automatically change and remain secure when threatened, providing the possibility of unbreakable and absolute confidentiality of communication information. Secondly, quantum satellite communication avoids the disadvantages of the ground fiber communication transmission loss and greatly improves the efficiency of wide-area communication, which is an important weight for China to seize international competitiveness!

Quantum radar  the "clairvoyant" of the future battlefield

Following the “Mozi”, Chinese scientists have made great achievements in the field of quantum research. The 14th Institute of Electronic Technology Group has made important progress in the development of quantum radar. It is reported that the institute has completed the quantum exploration mechanism and related experimental verification, and once again proved China’s leading position in the field of quantum technology.

“Traditional radar is over 70 years old, and quantum has overcome technological bottleneck.” In 1934, the US Navy first developed pulse radar and became a significant military weight in World War II. During the 70 years, various countries raced to develop radar technology to contend military forces, but with the emergence of stealth technology, the traditional radar of “three score and ten” has been weak.

Compared with traditional radar, quantum radar is an emerging remote sensing technology based on quantum signal reconnaissance, which has obvious advantages in anti-stealth technology. According to the principle of quantum entanglement and uncertainty, the stealth aircraft cannot fully simulate the signals emitted by quantum radar, thus there is no escape. At the same time, the system sensitivity and imaging resolution technology of quantum radar have also been improved significantly, which will certainly bring about a subversive improvement in military combat capability.

Quantum computer – “magic weight of the competition”

As the replacement and extension of human brain, computer has introduced humankind into the era of information warfare. Quantum computer as the strategic high ground of world’s high-tech, becomes the top priority of the rise of scientific and technology power. Quantum computer mainly uses the superposition and entanglement of quantum, which makes the computing speed of computer higher than the traditional one, especially for the decryption problem in the military fields.

A “quantum technology craze” has already started. The United States has the most foresight in the development of quantum computers. In 2014, IBM spent US$3 billion on developing quantum computing cloud services.

Europe is not to be outdone. At the European Quantum Conference held in May 2016, the European Union announced it would support a 1 billion quantum technology flagship project, including the development of general-purpose quantum computer. Russia has also been working to launch large quantum technology centers in recent years, and it plans to customize teaching programs for young talents in the field of quantum technology.

China's “quantum hegemony”

Following the declaration of China’s international leading position in the field of quantum communication by the “Mozi”, China has also built the world’s largest quantum research facility to develop quantum computers and other “revolutionary” technologies. The world situation is changing rapidly. The North Korean nuclear issue has intensified the peninsula dispute between the United States and North Korea. China is also unable to stand alone. The development of quantum technology is bound to bring China more international discourse rights and comprehensive “brake” force on the international battlefield.
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