Rankings of Stock Exchanges in the World

The following table shows top 50 stock exchanges in the world based on market capitalization, according to data in September 2017.

Among all the exchanges, New York Stock Exchange ranks first with a market capitalization of 21.2207 trillion US dollars, which accounts for about 27% of the total value.

The market capitalization of 16 exchanges exceeds 1 trillion US dollars, and the total value consists of more than 90% of the total value.

In Asia-Pacific area, the market value of three major stock exchanges in China enters Top 16. The market capitalization of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange is 4.9240 trillion, 3.6274 trillion and 4.0217 trillion US dollars respectively. Japan has the largest stock market in Asia, with a market capitalization of 5.7151 trillion.

In Europe, the following four exchanges have a market value over $1 trillion: Euronext (4.3439 trillion US dollars), London Stock Exchange (4.264 trillion US dollars), Deutsche Börse (2.181 trillion US dollars) and the SIX Swiss Exchange (1.6809 trillion US dollars).

In the Americas, the market capitalization of Nasdaq Stock Exchange and Canadian TMX group closely follows the New York Stock Exchange, which is 9.2615 and 2.3686 trillion US dollars respectively.

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