Desupline provides customers with professional securities investment services.

Nowadays, more and more people choose securities investments. Stock is considered as property market products, while bond belongs to the bond market products. Securities are a tradable financial asset, representing as certain legal voucher. The holder of the securities has the right to obtain due rights and interests with the contents of the certificate.

What can we do?

Desupline will personalize the satisfactory securities investment plan for each investor based on the diversification of investors’ financial statue, risk parameters and preferences. Desupline is responsible for fulfilling each investor's financial goal.

Desupline stock sales and trading group has excellent professional skills to ensure the liquidity of stocks and provide professional analysis of the view based on customer investment needs. Moreover, we will continue to introduce unique products to our customers.

Interest rate products
Desupline interest rate businesses, mainly related to foreign exchange businesses. Through the global foreign exchange trading center, Desupline provides 24-hour multi-language services, including FX transactions, forward FX transactions and FX swap transactions.

Commodity trading

Desupline commodity trading group offers customers with professional and high quality commodity trading services, including metals, precious metals, agricultural, sideline products and chemical products.

Investment banking

Desupline Investment Banking Division provides professional financial advisory services and strategic consultancy services to businesses and governments. The services such as optimize capital structure, assist clients to raise funds to complete the financing and repayment, improve shareholder's value through acquisitions, divestiture, mergers and reorganization.

Business advisory services
Desupline advisory group offers customers with comprehensive and detailed advisory services on strategy operations, technology and financial activities. The consultants team provides professional advice on clients in financial activities such as bonds, stock markets, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, etc. The company structure and operating strategy are also our special field.

Real estate finance
Desupline will also provide real estate financial services to our global customers by using our latest and innovative credit tools. The flexible financing services including real estate trusts, real estate securities, real estate insurance. 

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