Venture Capital

Venture capital (VC) refers to a form of financing that is provided by firms or individuals to small, early-stage, emerging firms that are deemed to have a long time potential.

What is Venture Capital

The term of ‘Venture Capital’ (VC) is generally formed as some high-risk investors are willing to invest money to exchange for the invention. This investment approach is essentially different from the previous mortgages, which does not need to mortgage any assets or repay for a business loss. In simple terms, VC investors will get several times or even a hundred times in returns if the investment is successful, if failed, investors will lose all the money for investments. However, VC is very popular for start-up entrepreneurs as the venture will not carry debts even if the failure. This makes it possible for young people to start a business. VC is an effective financing channel for the survival and development of traditional, small and medium enterprises. In general, these VC investments have been very successful over the decades.

What can we do?

With the development of science, technology and further pursuit of customers’ needs and preferences, Desupline has extended financial services in the region of VC investment for global clients. Desupline will invest in a number of high-risk, high-potential companies, specifically, a number of emerging, rapidly growing, and highly competitive companies.

Desupline has been committed to looking for a variety of investment opportunities, and we are open to entrepreneurs and a third-person recommendation on investment opportunities. Usually, Desupline will have an initial screening for the investment proposals submitted by entrepreneurs and pick out a small number of interested projects for further consideration. The professional teams from Desupline normally spend few weeks to carry out a very extensive, in-depth and meticulous investigation for the selected projects to ensure the accuracy of the information submitted by entrepreneurs and the integrity of the important information. The team will learn and analyze the investment projects in terms of management, products and technologies, market and finance in order to make investment decisions. For some investment projects, Desupline also seek other investors to co-invest. In this way, the total investment could increase, meanwhile, the risk could also be decentralized. Desupline also hopes to share experience with other venture capitalists in related fields, holding the principle of amity, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. Once the investment and financing sides reach a consensus on the investment conditions of the project, Desupline as the lead investor will draft a "list of investment terms" to make an initial investment commitment to the entrepreneur. As long as the facts are clear, agreed to terms and containing details of the transaction, the two sides can sign the final transaction documents to enforce the investment. Desupline aims at providing the most professional venture capital services for global clients.

Desupline helps enterprises to improve the potential with technological innovation through increasing investments in scientific research and recruitment of talents. Moreover, we introduce modern business models to the traditional firms in order to change the traditional family management model and establish a modern enterprise system. In addition, Desupline hopes to help enterprises to reduce the high debt ratio, conduct financial planning, avoid the duplication of development, and improve the efficiency of capital optimization through VC.

Desupline is committed to provide the most qualified financial services to clients and establish a longstanding relationship.

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