What Does Artificial Intelligence bring to us?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of computer technology concerned with making machines work in an intelligent way.

In recent years , there has been a significant increase of public attention on artificial intelligence. Since 2011, companies that develop products and technologies related to artificial intelligence have gained more than $2 billion in venture capital, and some technology giants have invested $10 billion to buy those artificial intelligence startups. For example, Google's investments in recent years focused on artificial intelligence, it acquired eight robot companies and a machine learning company. At the same time, more and more people began to concern the problems caused by artificial intelligence, unemployment caused by artificial intelligence. More and more news has indicated that the rapid development of artificial intelligence may threaten the human survival in the future. A report published by researchers of the University of Oxford shows that nearly 47% of jobs in the US have become unstable due to the automation of machine cognitive technology. However, it did not reduce the public attention in artificial intelligence, such as the extensive use of big data.

As more people use the Internet, social media, mobile devices and sensors, the amount of data generated by the world has increased dramatically. The new technologies for managing and analyzing data have developed as the value of these data continues to be recognized. Hence, we could say that big data is the booster of the development of artificial intelligence because some artificial intelligence technology can use the statistical model to carry out the probability of data projections, such as images, text and voice. In other words, the demand for big data has accelerated the development of artificial intelligence.

Although some people think that computers are smarter than people and may threaten human survival, but there is no doubt that artificial intelligence has also brought a lot of benefits for us. Artificial intelligence has been widely used in the banking, medical and life sciences. For example, automatic fraud detection systems can identify patterns of behavior that foretell fraudulent payment actions, and voice recognition can verify caller identity. Machine learning systems has been used to predict biological data and the causality of compound activity, thereby helping pharmaceutical companies to identify the most effective drugs. Moreover, the half of the hospitals in the US use automatic speech recognition to help doctors to complete doctoral transcriptions automatically, and the usage is growing rapidly.

Baidu has introduced an artificial intelligence robot, called ‘Du’, its specialty is  face recognition. Recently, it is well known as it won a human player in a Chinese television program. In the face of its challenges, the human players appeared hesitant and timid. Some people feel disappointed, but some people say that this is a normal response when we face an unknown challenge and artificial intelligence. The television program is over, but the debate on artificial intelligence has not ended. Although artificial intelligence wins the game at the end, it is still gratifying as some people proposed that the face recognition technology could be used to find lost children. There are a lot of lost children, while they grow up , their shape of face will change a lot that even their parents could hardely identify them, but artificial intelligence could help these parents to recognize their children. So far, people have been constantly exploring artificial intelligence. Hopefully one day in the future, artificial intelligence could bring more benefits to our life,while, the threats of it do not exist anymore.

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