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DESUPLINE, an ‘up line’ which connects to the future!

Desupline was formed and entered the Chinese market in 2014, Mr. Andrew D. Xiwen Tang is the chairman and chief executive officer of Desupline, who is also the founder and chief analyst of the ‘singularity fund’. With the continuous exploration and discovery, based on the sincerity of the world, the vision of "Desupline" is gradually formed.

With the development of science and technology and the arrival of the block chain era, the connections between various markets become much closer. The definition of finance will no longer be limited to ‘the re-integration of existing resources to achieve value and profit after the equivalent flow’, it could refer to a quantum phenomenon that can be sensed with mind. For Desupline, all tangible wealth and intangible intellectual property, or values of the innovation which are generated by any people, things and ideas, that could be exchanged freely in different time and space. In other words, finance is more like an art, a place to help you to open minds.

Desupline provides a series of professional financial services for governments, financial institutions, enterprises and individuals. In order to fulfill the needs and preferences of our customers, we extend our financial services from asset management, wealth management, investment management, management consulting to VC/PE, education, training, international trade, tourism, real estate and etc.

Main Businesses

Investment Bank: Desupline provides a wide range of investment banking services to global clients, including M&A, venture capital, project finance, investment advisory, asset securitization, financial innovation, stock underwriting and etc.

Venture Capital: Desupline invests in a number of high-risk, high-potential companies. Specifically, Desupline invests in a number of emerging, rapidly growing, and highly competitive companies.

Trading Investment: Desupline engages in investment activities in secondary market, such as stocks, foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities, and bonds investment.

Investment Management: Desupline provides investment management services which include various asset classes (e.g. current assets, long-term investments, fixed assets, intangible assets, deferred assets) for its global clients, such as stock management and hedge funds. Desupline also provides professional financial advisory services to high net-worth individuals and families, including portfolio management, family wealth management and other trading services.

Business Principles

Desupline will always consider the clients’ interest as our first priority, clients’ satisfaction is the goal we have always been pursuing. Desupline’s employees are mostly graduated from world top universities with professional academic knowledge, international operation ability, and various language skills. Thus, Desupline gradually formed a unique and globalized financial perspective.

As the result, Desupline could help customers to seize interest opportunities more sensitively and effectively.

Desupline always stand from the perspective of our customers, take their individual cultural background and preferences in to consideration, and provide professional, comprehensive and efficient financial services to our customers.

Desupline has established a comprehensive information management system and a confidentiality system, which could maintain and update customer information promptly. Desupline would never sell customer information to any other organizations or individuals outside the enterprise; all customer information will be used legalized ways with the customer’s permission. In the future, with the development of the science and technology and along with the increase of customers’ requirements, Desupline will constantly optimize the information management system and the confidentiality system in order to prevent the leaking of customer information

In order to further safeguard the customers’ interest and corporate brand, Desupline decides to consider ‘any business activities strictly in accordance with national laws and regulations and industry regulatory rules', ‘both customers and business information are true, effective, accurate and complete’ and ‘improve operational efficiency and stability by prevent and effectively resolve the operational risks' as three principles of the internal operation.

In general, Desupline will provide globalized and high-quality financial services for our clients and as much as possible to maintain the corporate brand legitimate with regulations and professional ethics.

Management Model

Desupline used the Pyramid management model invented by Frederick Winslow Taylor, which is a hierarchical management model, for the early Desupline it may well be a stable and effective. The Pyramid management model is simple in structure and has a clear mandate, the high-level decisions can be made quickly and executed. However, Desupline has been working on improving in all aspects. Nowadays, the global economy is more integrated, science and technology is more developed, hence Desupline has recruited more professional talents with a higher salary to make the management mechanism more. The enterprise management is no longer just rely on high-level decision-making, which strongly reduce the strains of not flexible.

Desupline encourages employees to develop creativity and imagination in order to provide more innovative and effective financial plans for clients. In this process, the management model of Desupline becomes more effective and flexible.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Desupline is committed to contribute our own ideas and strength to the society. For the employees, Desupline encourages employees to participate in public welfare activities with an incentive mechanism. For the enterprise, Desupline would like to establish longstanding relationships with different countries, non-profit organizations and educational organizations to help more people for the medical, educational and material assistance.

Desupline always cares about the corporate social responsibility and put the customers’ interests first;

Desupline focus on a diversified business, multidimensional innovation for clients’ future value;

Desupline is positive and optimistic, and aim at sustainability;

DESUPLINE, an ‘up line’ which connects to the future!
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