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Desupline Principles

Desupline Principles

Customer first: Desupline will always consider and put customers’ interests at first, and strictly requires all employees not engage investment activities that in the conflict of customers’ interests.

Law-abiding: Desupline will take all business activities strictly in accordance with national laws and regulations and industry regulatory rules.

Professional services: Desupline is committed to recruit qualified employees, and encourages their innovation and creativity and innovation in order to provide more professional, comprehensive and efficient financial services.

Effective communication: Desupline’s employees should always stand in the perspective of customers to understand customers’ needs and preferences, respects for customers, communicate with customers patiently and meticulously.

Confidentiality: Desupline firmly will not sell customer information to any other organizations and individuals outside the enterprise, all customer information will be used for the case legally with the customer’s permission.
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