Treasury Services

Desupline is committed to solving the problem associated with working capital and efficiency in the financial sector and providing appropriate treasury services to clients.

What is treasury services?

Treasury services refer to trading, investment, and information services provided by banks. Treasury services aggregate funds and make investment, while providing trade finance and logistics solutions to help customers solve problems associated with working capital and efficiency in the financial sector.

Advantages of treasury services

Professional treasury services can effectively save time and cost, optimize liquidity arrangements, and achieve potential joint investment opportunities. Therefore, clients can engage in commercial activities more securely and efficiently.

What can we do?

Desupline offers the following six categories of treasury services:

A) Liquidity Management Services

On the strength of professional financial background and experience, Desupline helps companies to manage liquidity assets and liabilities and hold the optimal amount of working capital. For example, we can allocate clients’ funds among different global accounts reasonably and invest excess fund to earn income etc.

B) Accounts Receivable Services

Desupline helps clients with corresponding products and solutions for receiving money for business deals, sales and services provided by their business partners and large set of retail customers, more quickly and effectively. For example, outstanding bills and invoices.

C) Accounts Payable Services

Desupline helps clients with products and solutions for making payments to their business partners and retail customers.

D) Trade Finance Services

Desupline provides clients with cross-border trading service and ensures the delivery and timely collection of payments. For example, letters of credit, document collection services etc. Desupline seeks global development opportunities for enterprises and is committed to providing full range and one-stop commercial services.

E) Third-party Supervision Services

Cooperating with institutions holding guarantee qualifications, Desupline sets up accounts specialized for fund supervision, to protect the safety of funds and the rights and interests of customers.

F) Information Management Services

Desupline helps clients consolidate their receivables and payable positions across the countries of operation, across various currencies and reports a net payable and receivable position in each currency. Thus, clients can negotiate better rates for a consolidated open position to make efficient decisions on foreign exchange and capital.

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